The Beach Express has been a part of the Baldwin County community since our grand opening in June 2000. We have experienced changes in ownership, management staff, and multiple natural disasters in that time. Our goals, however, have remained the same: We aim to provide a quicker route to Pleasure Island with a big dose of welcoming hospitality!

Our toll attendants, service staff and supervisors are the heart of our business. Their big smiles and friendly attitudes have always been a key part of our vision. Being a toll attendant is a unique position! Every day they come to work ready to not only process tolls, but give visitors directions to their condos, suggestions on where to eat, and to answer any questions they can about the area. Our team also supports first responders and emergency services as needed in addition to traffic management and expedited passage for emergency vehicles. Our staff is often the first glimpse of paradise visitors see when coming for vacation. We appreciate our local customers! Seeing the same faces every day only enhances our sense of community and drive to provide every customer with a great experience.

Our customer service staff continually strives to provide the best service possible. They are experts on all things Alabama Freedom Pass related. From adding funds to accounts to helping set up mobile apps, these representatives reflect the dedication and expertise that helps our plaza run smoothly. If you have questions about our account programs, please reach out and ask! They love opening new accounts and helping people get where they are going faster.

If you are interested in working at the Beach Express and becoming part of our valuable team, we would like to hear from you! Email our office at or give a call at 251-968-3415. You can even stop by our office located at 22867 Brown Lane, Orange Beach, AL 36561.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the toll rate?

    The cash toll rate is $5.00 for a two-axle vehicle plus $1.00 for each additional axle.

  • Can bicycles go over the bridge?

    Yes! Bicycles are welcome at the Beach Express. Please travel through the far right lanes at the toll plaza. Pay close attention to the gate arm!

  • Do you take cash and credit cards?

    Yes! We accept all major credit cards in the lanes and in the office. If you are using a credit card in the lanes, please be sure the lane has a toll attendant.

  • Who can open an account at the Beach Express? Is it only open to local residents?

    Anyone can open an account at the Beach Express! There are services available for customers that live in specific areas, however anyone can have an Alabama Freedom Pass account. Visit here for more information.

  • Do you accept SunPass, E-ZPass, other agency toll passes?

    We currently accept Alabama Freedom Pass tags and Best Pass tags. We continue to work on expanding services.

  • I have a toll by plate invoice. How do I pay it?

    Please verify what agency issued your invoice. We cannot address any toll invoices from SunPass, Florida, or any other tolling agency.

  • I have a large boat/float/trailer. What is the height and width requirement at the Beach Express?

    We can accommodate most oversized vehicles and loads. If the vehicle/load is taller than 14 ft. and/or wider than 11.5 ft., please contact the office at (251) 968-3415 for assistance.

  • Why is the Freedom Pass lane sometimes open to all traffic?

    Sometimes during periods of heavy traffic it’s necessary to open the outside Freedom Pass lanes to all traffic. We spend time every year evaluating traffic patterns during different parts of the year. We have learned that when traffic is at its heaviest and we are welcoming large numbers of visitors to the island, customers that can use the Freedom Pass lanes with a window sticker or mobile app can’t get to the lane. The lane stays pretty empty while traffic keeps backing up. By opening the lane with a toll attendant, that lane is now serving as many customers as the others, and everyone gets through quicker.

  • Why is traffic backing up over the bridge?

    While the Beach Express has no control over the traffic light at Canal Rd., we can say that the Orange Beach Police Department does a fantastic job directing traffic and helping the traffic flow smoother at the intersection. The city of Orange Beach has been and continues to address improvements to Canal Rd.