What is Alabama Toll-By-Platesm?

It is a faster way to pay your toll using your license plate number instead of cards, window stickers, or mobile apps. Drive in, slow down for the gate, and go!

How do people who are not Alabama Freedom Pass customers pay once they have used Alabama Toll-By-Platesm?

The easiest way will be to download the Alabama Toll-By-Platesm mobile app for your Apple or Android device, register your plate, and pay the toll. Fast, easy, and you are finished! You can also register online here.

Please note if you register your license plate and payment information within 5 business days of your first Toll-By-Plate transaction you'll pay just the base toll rate ($2.75/2 axle, $1.00 each additional axle). If you decide to wait for an invoice the Toll-By-Plate rate will apply along with an administration fee ($2.95/2 axle, $1.00 each additional axle, $5.00 First invoice administration fee). Please note, it may take up to 48 hours for your transaction information to post. With your license plate registered and payment method added, the toll will be paid as soon as the transaction posts.

How does Alabama Toll-By-Plate mobile app work?

It works by entering your contact information, license plate information, and payment information. Then, any tolls are paid for by the card you enter until you finish your trip and remove the payment. You do NOT have to have the app running in order to make use of the express lanes.

After you download the Alabama Toll-By-Plate mobile app, open it and choose "Set Up New Account".

Step 1) Name and email address. Your email address and password you set will serve as your login.
Step 2) Enter your address and phone number.
Step 3) Add one or more license plates. Be sure to enter the number and the state.
Step 4) Enter your payment method. You'll be able to update this later if needed.
Step 5) Read and accept the terms and conditions.
Step 6) Verify your information.
Step 7) Continue on to your account. Please note it may take up to 48 hours for your transactions to appear. As soon as it is posted, it will be paid by the card you entered. You will be able to review your trips and payments.
Step 8) You have successfully registered for Alabama Toll-By-Plate and are at your home screen!