Beach Express Toll Rates

The toll rates below apply to cash or credit card transactions without any account discounts applied.

Axles Rate
2 $5.00
3 $6.00
4 $7.00
5 $8.00
6 $9.00
More than 6 $9.00 + $1.00 for each additional axle

What is Alabama Freedom Pass?

Alabama Freedom Pass is the toll discount program used by:

  • Beach Express (Orange Beach, AL)
  • Tuscaloosa By-Pass (Tuscaloosa, AL)
  • Montgomery Expressway (Millbrook, AL)
  • Emerald Mountain Expressway (Wetumpka, AL)

Each service you open in an Alabama Freedom Pass account will have a window sticker transponder assigned to it. Affix the sticker on the inside of your windshield and you are ready to go!

Learn more about American Roads and their toll facilities here.

Beach Express Discounts with Alabama Freedom Pass

The toll rates below apply to different Alabama Freedom Pass services at Beach Express. Some service types require additional documentation.

Per-Trip Rates by Account Service
$2.90 Standard Debit No fees, prepaid money on account
$3.00 Membership Clubs Annual fee of $55.00 or monthly fee of $5.00 - paying cash at the toll booth
$1.95 Membership Clubs Annual fee of $55.00 or monthly fee of $5.00 - prepaid money on account
$1.25 Orange Beach Registered Voter Paying cash at the toll booth
$1.00 Orange Beach Registered Voter Prepaid money on account
$2.00 Hospitality Worker Discount Program Employment with an island condo, hotel, or restaurant required - prepaid money on account

Unlimited Rates*
$90.00 Fourteen Day Unlimited Pass
$170.00 Thirty Day Unlimited Pass
$520.00 Six Month Unlimited Pass
$885.00 Twelve Month Unlimited Pass
*Unlimited Passes may only be used for a single, two-axle residential vehicle

You can open an Alabama Freedom Pass account online or with our mobile app!

Once you're set up you can manage your account, too.

  • Add Funds
  • Review your trips
  • Update account information
  • Update payment information
  • View payment history

Visit us here for more information about the Alabama Freedom Pass mobile app.

Credit Card Receipts

If you've used a credit card in the lanes at Beach Express and would like to reprint your receipt, click here.